Paula Barber, David Rice, Nigel Mace, Dan Laniewski and Simon Allen were unable to attend


Keith Peacock,
Andrew Briggs,
Steve Garrett,
Michele Marsland,
Trevor Horne,
Alex Smale,
Stella Goodman

Topics Discussed

  • New members
  • Feedback from our Summer Function
  • Breakfast Club
  • Subscriptions
  • Forward Planning
  • Future Events
  • Advertising
  • Plymouth Chamber Affiliate Membership
  • Any Other Business
  • Date of next Meeting

New members

We had two new applications for full membership at the Breakfast Club on Tuesday. We will pass David Rice these applications.

Feedback from our Summer Function

Keith has emailed Mike Davey (Boringdon Park) thanking him for a successful evening. We were able to raise £550 for our two chosen charities, also a free holiday for the family.

Breakfast Club

We have had our second meeting and the response has been very positive. 14 attended and apart from the 2 applications, we also had a guest ask if she could join as an associate member. This was discussed at Committee and we agreed that we could offer her company this in accordance with our Constitution. The business is based in Ivybridge and she lives in Plympton and would bring a lot of enthusiasm to the Chamber.


We need to look at the level of returned DDs and if necessary phone any members that have not yet responded.

Forward Planning

We will start to look actively for sponsorship for the Xmas lights and also aim to have sponsorship for our Summer Dinner ASAP. Andrew suggested a deadline of Jan for sponsoring the summer event.

Future Events

Alex has suggested a Pub Quiz sat the Treby Arms, Sparkwell, this is Monday 8th August, proceeds going to charity and members will be notified. Both Michele and Trevor have offered to run training seminars and it was suggested that the Focus Training Rooms would be a suitable venue. This would be after August holidays and we need to talk to Focus to firm up dates.


It was decided that we would continue to utilize the generosity of Malcolm and Talk Plympton.

Plymouth Chamber Affiliate Membership

At a cost of £504 for an annual membership, it was a very expensive option at this point in time. Andrew suggested that it could be something raised at next years AGM to gauge members interest. I will contact David Parby of the Plymouth Chamber.

Any Other Business

Andrew mentioned that Councilor James expressed his regret at not being able to attend our Summer Function due to other commitments but wanted to be involved with the Chambers events.

Work flow sheet, I would like us to formulate a business plan so we all know the processes needed to run a professional organization, in the past we have had problems where important things like thanking sponsors has been overlooked. This is probably because we are unclear whose role this it and believe it has already been done.

Date of next Meeting

The date of the next meeting has been confirmed for Wednesday 6th July at the Excaliber office.


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