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    I am currently training to do a half marathon along the Plym valley trail on the 28th November, raising funds for my support network that is @ LupusUK.org SLE Lupus is a rare auto-immune disease which struck me during pregnacy and has never left me. This disease is debilitating at best and deadly at its worst. It takes an average of 7 years to get a diagnosis.
    I was lucky enough be diagnosed within 2 years and consequently got on 2 drug trials that have resulted in me being able to funtion well for 4 months out of every 6 and scrape by for the other 2. This is amazing as when I was diagnosed with Lupus I was given an estimated life expectancy of 10 years and those years would not be healthy pain free ones.
    But luck has been on my side and a lot of support has been given to me over the years by this wonderful support network.
    I would absolutely love any support or sponsorship that you would be willing to offer me for this challenge. It seems fitting that it is 22 years since I got poorly and I am aiming to run the equivilant-ish in km’s.
    I will also be manning a stall in support of this wonderful charity, along with a fellow lupus sufferer, and look forward to seeing everyone at the “Light up Plympton” event on the 29th November with tired legs , but pride in myself that I have made the distance, made it through the drug trials’ and paved the way for other Lupus sufferers to get some relief and in some cases remission.
    I really hope you see this challenge as a celebration of what can be acheived when you concentrate on what you can do rather than what you can’t do.
    I am excited to see everyone else at the light up Plympton evening and am sure that I will be adding to the local economy on my time off from the stall.


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