This month we were joined by our 30+ new members from Plymouth Business Network. This swelled our numbers to over 60 for the first time ever. It was very busy and the room was alive with talk and laughter.

Our presenter this month was Nikki Keen from St Luke’s Hospice Plymouth. It was a lively affair but also sad as she explained some people’s dying wishes that St Luke’s have helped come true.

St Luke’s Hospice have to raise over £4.2 million a year. This is quite an onerous task as many people think it is government funded. Nikki has been the business co-ordinator for the last two years and has helped put St Luke’s on the map in the business community. They now have several corporate sponsors who have signed up to 5 years worth of events as well as the smaller sponsors who have sponsored a nurse or do their own fund raising.

When people think of St Luke’s they think of Turnchapel but actually it is a lot bigger than that and covers thousands of miles every year throughout Devon and parts of Cornwall, helping many terminally ill people spend their last days at home.


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