For the third year running, the Plym Chamber of Commerce hosted the Meet your Councillor Event at the Plympton Conservative Club.  Local businesses met with their Plympton Councillors to discuss various local matters, with the Plym Chamber’s Honorary President,  Andrew Briggs chairing the meeting.

Topics that were raised in the meeting included:

Traffic problems on the Ridgeway, this was of particular interest to local traders and residents alike and suggestions were made about possible pedestrianisation of the area, more traffic warden visits and disabled only parking. Local views will be invited on this topic.

Broadband for local businesses was another topic discussed as BT does not yet have fibre-optic cables in Plympton and it is unlikely to for some time.  We are very lucky that we do have virgin media fibre-optic broadband throughout Plympton due to an historical purchase of Eurobell.

Mike Lee, Manager of Elfordleigh Hotel, asked if their directional brown sign in Plympton could be returned and the Councillors will look into this for him.

The Plym Chamber committee asked councillors what would be involved if Plympton raised its own Bid and Glenn Jordan explained it briefly and how cost effective it has been on the Waterfront. He will be in touch for the committee to help take this matter further and identify the opportunities and costs involved.

Other issues were raised regarding lights, crossings, traffic etc, including the possibility of a tram service serving Plympton.

The councillors were pleased with how the Ridgeway lights events (organised by Plym Chamber) had been received over the last three years and have in  total over the three years, contributed £10,500 from their environmental fund.  It is anticipated that they will continue to support as funds allow, this event for the Plympton community.

New bins are to be located throughout the city, including Plympton, and will be combined dog and bin waste. If anyone has any sites where they feel a bin is needed please get in touch with the Chamber or the local Councillors. A few extra sites were raised at the meeting.

Finally, Plympton chamber have offered to purchase a bench on the Ridgeway with a plaque. A Site visit will be undertaken to decide where – suggestions were made at the bottom by the co-op and at the top by the flats.

The meeting was closed with a list of future Chamber events. These include a monthly breakfast club on the second Tuesday of every month at Boringdon Park Golf Club , meeting at 7.30 to 9 AM. The AGM and Supper Club will be held on 27 April at Elfordleigh Golf and Country Club, 6 to 8:30 PM. A Vegas black tie event on 7 October together with regular quizzes and the members mingle events. Information can be found by emailing enquiries@Plympton or call Stella on 01752 340183.


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