Apologies received from Michelle.

Andrew mentioned the sad passing away of Lorraine, the manager from Boots Chemist on the Ridgeway. Keith has been asked to organize a sympathy card from the Chamber.

David Parby (Chair Plymouth Chamber of Commerce) has shown interest in offering support to our own Chamber. It was decided that we would invite him to join us at our next Committee meeting for the first 15 -20 mins to talk to us.

A newsletter for all our Members, something that the Committee felt was important to keep in touch with our membership, Trevor has kindly offered to look at that for us, on a quarterly or half yearly basis which is to be decided.

Steve has finalized our stationery order, he presented us with 3 versions and a collective decision was made. This stationery will be ordered ASAP.

Summer Dinner and Dance, Simon brought information on costings, menus, discos, and Meet and Greet drinks on arrival. Further information when he gets it will be passed on. The main consideration is finding a sponsor for the Band. Any suggestions gratefully received.

AGM in April, we need accounts to be brought up to date and need them by the end of March. The format will be
1) Minutes for last years AGM (Simon have you still got them?)
2) Accounts.
3) Election of Officers.
4) An Any Questions type of forum.
5) Gary Streeter (MP), Keith Jones (Lloyds TSB Bank manager) and a 3rd person (yet to be decided) will be answering preselected questions from our audience.

We would like to invite committee members from our local Civic Societies (Andrew to do) The Plympton Rotarian (Andrew), Ivybridge Business Council (Andrew?) Saltash, Modbury, Tavistock and Ivybridge Chambers of Commerce (Stella to do).

Website, have we a copy of our Constituency on our website, if not could Steve add it please?

Any Other Business:

Sponsorship of the tubs at the bottom of the Ridgeway.
Breakfast Club to be finalized at the AGM, a helper for Stella me would be greatly appreciated.
Public relationship, Nigel has offered to be the friendly voice of our Chamber and phone members to keep in touch.

Hopfully that covers all the agenda, please email us back with any queries, comments or offers of help!


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