Keith Peacock of Walter C Parson Ltd

My name is Keith Peacock and I am a Funeral Director with Walter C Parson Ltd, based in Plympton. The company was formed in 1842, and is still in the hands of the same family. We are the only independent funeral directors in Plymouth.

I came to Plymouth to study at the then Polytechnic, and upon leaving sort of fell into the profession. The rest as the say is history. It is a very satisfying job; no its more than a job. I am based in Plympton, I live in Plympton, my children go to school in Plympton, and families I have looked after meet me in the local shops. It is a very community based vocation, and not 9 to 5. In March 2012, I will have been at Walter Parson for 20 years.

Many years ago, if there was a death in the family the funeral director would normally have said this is what I do for cremation and this is what I do for burial with the vicar saying pretty much the same thing. Today, the business is very much client driven, with my first question being have you thought about the funeral arrangements and what would you like? Funerals are more secular, meaning you dont have to go to church, much like marriage venues have changed away from churches over the years.

Although most of our business is at need, where a death has occurred and the family or solicitor contacts us for the funeral arrangements a growing amount is coming from people who wish to plan for the future. Whether they just want to put their wishes down on paper so the family knows what they would have preferred, or whether they want to alleviate any financial burden to those left behind and prepay for their funeral. This is a growth market that benefits the customer.

We are based in and around Plymouth, however we have the knowledge and contacts to be able to carry out funerals anywhere in the United Kingdom, and even send people home internationally.

As a company, we put great emphasis on qualified staff. Every Funeral Director you will come in contact with will hold a diploma in Funeral Directing.

Walter C Parson Funeral Directors isnt just here for you today, we are here for your future.


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